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A Former Private School in Uthai Thani, Now You Can Spend the Night in and Experiencing its Heritage.

Historic buildings located not too far from a Sakaekrung river where students used to once learned, read textbooks laughed and played sports activities since 1957, now have turned over a new chapter and become chic accommodations, complete with library, canteen & bars with poolside ambiance.

Half a century later, Uthai Thani’s city welcomed this 17-room property in 2022, putting dark brown oak with wooden timber accents in the former classrooms and swapping out customized, reused wooden furnitures including desks, chairs, cabinet. In each of the 17 rooms are decorated with historic photos and original local Thai folk crafts, plus furnishings born out of chalkboards. 

The hotel’s ground floor is the heart of Uthai Thani and opens up to the neighborhood. A glorious mix of vintage and contemporary design embracing UThai’s spirit, which is divided into a café, bar, library,  book kiosk with a humble mood and tone of its local schoolhouse characters.

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